How We're Different

There is no point in being the same as everyone else. We have always believed that we are limited only by our own vision, creativity and ethics.


Call any office nationwide, ask any coworker, they will tell you that our Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose and Promise are alive and at the forefront of everything we do – it's not only unique to the staffing industry, but it's something all companies struggle to achieve. Our culture was never intended to be a "feature," but it is indeed a differentiator. You can feel the difference.


We're an industry leader in providing benefits to temporary employees. We believe the example we have set has influenced competitors to step up to the plate. Since we opened, legislation has been introduced mandating a minimum level of benefits to temporary employees.

Ambassador Program

We have a unique program that engages the hearts and minds of our temporary employees. This program has led to unprecedented levels of engagement and is one of the key reasons we receive honors such as Staffing Industry Analysts' "Best Staffing Firm to Temp For" and Inavero's "Best of Staffing – Talent" year after year.

Process Adapt

It's not our own, but our customer's perception of quality that matter most. In order to understand your perception, we begin with a unique set of questioning that allows us to align with your decision making and hiring process. Over the course of our business partnership, we continually adapt to your process and provide a level of quality that makes us worthy of honors such as Inavero's "Best of Staffing – Client".


Every single candidate who walks into one of our offices is asked to sit down at our VideoSelect computer and record a 3-minute video clip answering some of the most frequently asked questions in a first interview. We send this to you via email. It enables hiring managers to narrow down their selection in minutes rather than hours of scheduled, in-person meetings.

Expedite™ | Timecard

We took all of the wishes we heard expressed and created a proprietary timecard technology like no other in any industry. It ensures accuracy, sends you a reminder, automatically calculates overtime per state and federal laws, allows you to select an alternate approver if you're out and can be completely paperless. Ultimately, it "makes life better for the people we serve." This technology resulted in our development team winning the 2009 American Business Award's "Stevie Award" as Developer of the Year.

We also offer Expedite | Timeclock for customers who prefer manual timekeeping options.

Expedite™ | Reports

Our customers have access to a battery of standard reports and any customized reports 24/7 via our customer extranet. That's not all! You can customize the dashboard that you log into and select certain reports to be emailed to you automatically on a time schedule of your choosing.


On assignments over 80 hours, we will pay for the first 4 hours of the assignment while our Ambassador gets oriented to the tasks you need them to complete. For long-term assignments over 160 hours, we will also pay for the last 4 hours so that our Ambassador can reorient your returning employee and fill them in on any changes or completed projects.

125% Guarantee

No other staffing company provides an absolute guarantee with an additional 25% on top of that to pay for any wasted time. We are committed to quality and our 125% Guarantee on assigned temporary employees demonstrates this commitment.