Our Roth Everyday Hero: Tara Mahoney

It’s good to know there’s someone on your team who is willing to step up to the plate when the situation gets tough. That’s exactly what La Jolla Ledgent’s TAS, Tara Mahoney, did when she heard a fire alarm go off in her apartment building.

It was a workday evening when the alarm went off down the hall from Tara. She went to investigate and found flames coming from one of the apartments. She grabbed her fire extinguisher, which her father had recently gifted her for her new place, and managed to open one of the windows with the help of another outstanding neighbor. They were able to put out the fire with minimal damage!

After putting out the fire, Tara found a litter of kittens in the apartment that would have certainly been in danger had they not managed to put out the fire.

On behalf of everyone at Roth Staffing and all of the kitten-lovers out there, we sincerely thank Tara for her bravery and quick action, and we are honored to call her one of our 2018 Roth Everyday Heroes.